Personal data of Brazilians are for sale on the deep web

Data of 223 Brazilians are being sold, payment must be made in Bitcoin.

After the announcement of the leak of personal data of practically all Brazilians, now the novelty is that the information is for sale on the deep web. To buy a version of the data, it is necessary to pay the hackers in Bitcoin.

This is the biggest personal data leak in the history of Brazil. With LGPD in place, the company responsible for the leak could suffer penalties. However, the fines will only come into force in August 2021.

The case rekindles the privacy debate in Brazil, as millions Bitcoin Up of people have been affected. The data exposed can be CPF, name, address, telephone, among others.

The company responsible for finding the alleged fault, which is still being investigated, was PSafe, from the cyber security sector.

Personal data of Brazilians for sale on the eep web
According to a PSafe report, on 19 January 2021, millions of CPFs of Brazilians leaked. The giant leak puts at risk the information of at least 220 million people.

In some deep web forums, for example, hackers would be putting some versions of this data. However, the sale of the information would be divided into lots.

The hacker responsible for the leak claims to live outside Brazil. To buy a lot with a thousand pieces of data from Brazilians, for example, an interested party must pay $100 in Bitcoin.

Considering the price of Bitcoin today, each lot would go for 0.0031 BTCs on the deep web.

Investigations indicate that the data would have been leaked from Serasa Experian. However, the company claims that it has conducted extensive investigations, denying that the leak is from its bases.

CNPJs were also affected
PSafe experts even talked to the hacker responsible for the leaks.

By asking the PSafe security team for personal data, the hacker released the data, which proved legitimate.

The database has been for sale on the deep web since 11 January 2021. However, it is not yet known from where the data was leaked.

According to Época, even CNPJs of companies were leaked by the hacker. In other words, not only individuals, but companies, are with compromised data.

In such cases, it is common for other hackers to buy the bases to commit new crimes. In other words, a leak of personal data like this favors cyber crime against millions of Brazilians.

Responsible for finding the leak, PSafe has a partnership with the Ministry of Justice since 2020. At the time, the company said it would help raise awareness of cyber-crimes and help improve the scenario in Brazil.